For a relatively long period of our activity we have gained extensive experience and knowledge from a broad spectrum of techniques and technologies which are currently encountered in the field of IT. As in other fields, these know-how is very important and one of the company nemateriálnímu wealth.

To get more ideas we present techniques and technologies we use (or have used) in routine practice in the creation of custom applications:

Our main software platforms for the development of new applications are:

Java and J2EE Vaadin, GWT, Ext GWT, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL

C #,. NET, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server

Other tools and technologies with which we have experience:

► Programming Languages​​: C + +, VB, Delphi

► Technology (for multi-tier applications): COM / DCOM, CORBA, OLE

► Database Systems: Firebird, Interbase, SAP-DB

► Setup: InstallShield Professional, InstallShield for WinInstaller

► Database technologies: ODBC, JDBC, ADO, OLE-DB

► Operating systems: Windows, Linux

Application focus

The main fields, with which our products are bound and which we have gathered a number of important experience, in particular:

Application Development
Development of new applications, legacy application maintenance, project and product management, requirements analysis, design and implementation of applications, automated testing.

Workshop information systems, exchange of vehicles, electronic parts catalogs and work.

Insurance and Expertise
software for valuing cars and damage the software for evaluation and settlement of claims, a comprehensive tool for communication between the insurance company, service, and (accounting and circulation of documents).

Parts Management
electronic product catalogs (3D) on CD and web management company parts, parts for catalog design (CAD).