IT: our services for you

Our company work in branche information technology (IT) and as such is able to provide you with a wide range of services relating to the area.

Our basic activity is the development of custom software. This includes analysis and definition of customer needs, preparation and discussion of design and pilot the application, commissioning and maintenance finally finished the application and client service.

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Management of technical parts

The solution offered in management of technical parts is based on software from Germany’s CADENAS GmbH. The home is a variant of this solution, known as PARTsolutions. In this case, the application that contains the 3D models used technical standard parts (particularly in engineering) and engineers especially used in conjunction with CAD programs. In general terms, however, is a scalable, usable in all areas of management components, ie the departments of purchasing, technical and technological preparation of production, construction, storage and others.
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eXpertClaim / ADAM

ADAM (ADjust A claiM) je vysoce sofistikovaný software určený pro likvidaci škod na vozidlech. Primárně je tedy určen pro pojišťovny.

Program umí evidovat jednotlivé případy škody, definovat rozsah pojištění, provést kalkulaci škody a evidovat veškeré další operace související s workflow likvidace škodní události.


AudaGlass program is intended for repair shops, insurance companies, experts and others, which is used for valuation of damage to glasses, and for processing data with related business and insurance cases.

The calculation is based on vehicle identification and on the basis of data on prices of the corresponding glasses, accessories, installation materials consumption and appreciation of the necessary work. The program works with a large base of original and aftermarket glass cars and trucks and buses. The program respects the procedures and compensation glasses recommended and approved by the manufacturers.

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Wacom tutorial

The representative of realized multimedia applications is a serie of tutorials for the company Wacom. It is an interactive application presenting the user how to work with the tablet. Because the Wacom tablets are on top of technological developments, are tutorials good and user-friendly form how to user show their wide range of features and control options, how to use gestures (touch function) and how using the stylus.

Application is implemented in Adobe Director supports 13 languages​​, recognizes the type of the tablet and depend on this presents the corresponding functions. Presentation including interactive parts is accompanied by spoken commentary. Tutorials are available for Windows and MacOS platform.

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